Pan's Labyrinth

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Momie's like not even a real person, just an asian, lesbian spirit.
Die Hard mofo.
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Theory is descriptive, not prescriptive.

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theory states 1+1=2 sometimes in music 1+1=3.
Hot Fuzz. Well... the last 30 mins of Hot Fuzz
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Pan's Labyrinth

Weird, I just got done watching that.
Damn good movie.
saving private ryan (skip the middle part)
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Terminator, Terminator 2, Commando, Die Hard, Robocop. That's all I can think of right now.

Gonna go with Robocop

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Hot Fuzz. Well... the last 30 mins of Hot Fuzz

The rest is also pretty awesome.
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The grandmother is having a baby with her grandson, so the grandson will be his own fathers father, the baby will be his own grandfather, and grandson, and the grandmother will be the mother, and great grandmother?

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CSguitarvocal is correct as usual, pepsi tastes much better out of a can.

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And CSguitarvocal for teh win.
Band of Brothers
Must Watch..
the BEST WW2 movie Earth has to offer for its fellow citizens.
And whatever is on the film, is 100% true.
Unlike most WW2 movies I've seen.

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I loved Hot Fuzz, normally I hate movies like that, but Hot Fuzz was just ace.