yeah I dont know what I started doing towards the end it kind of fell apart

ill return critique aswell, yes.
Sounds really good. You should make a loop of the progression you are playing so you can solo over that instead of having to switch between rhythm and lead. Other than doing that to maybe give the song more depth it sounds really nice. Could you crit my song here
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Yea it wasent meant to be a proper recording, just trying to showcase different aspects of my playing in a short improvised video. All in all, I was trying to see how well the webcam worked to record videos with and it came out like crap! Hopefully I can get around to recording again, its really pathetic
I liked the intro, it really set a good mood. Woah I like it when you play the chords and do little lead parts, NICE! I like the little lick you do at 1:11. I'm loving the upbeat part, I can so imagine vocals to this, hell yeah I can. Nice lead playing after that. Please make this into a whole song! Rock on bro!

Crit my song? It's pretty weird. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1359512