So, after realizing that dammit, with the cost of a pedalboard to suit my needs, I may as well build one myself, I've decided to do just that.

I recently stopped mowing people's lawns, so rather than let the wooden planks I've always used to load the mower into the car, which are actually in fairly good condition(I never mowed when it rained, so they never got wet and began growing mold, and I always cleaned the wheels off before putting it in) go to waste rotting in the garage over the years of neglect, I've decided to make good use of them and chop them into a pedalboard.

Current planned build specs;
~Space for one wah-sized pedal, two large pedals(Think Big Muff; Effect of a smaller unit, size of a bigger one), and five-six of the standard fare of Boss/MXR-sized footpedals.
~Power supply, currently debating whether to use a One Spot system to hold true to the cheapness of the build, or to bite the bullet and buy a Gator G-BUS-8-US.
~Velcro. Much like Duct Tape, it was designed by aliens for evil, used by man for good, and used by musicians for simplicity.
~Considering a tiered design at the moment. It's make things easier to carry and the power source easier to hide, but I'm not sure if it'd be more useful than just a really long single-tier pedalboard.

I have no idea what I should and shouldn't do with this, as it's my first experience with pedalboards, so I'm mainly guessing from reading. Will post pictures once the cutting begins.

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