hey again, i want to choose between those pedals. And i hoped that any of you guys could help me.

Wampler Triple Wreck ($270)
Hardwire TL2 Metal Distortion ($100)

the wampler is great, but is it $170 better?

i mean, i have the money, but spending $170 less on a distortion pedal is, well, very good.

ps: i am buying the pedal because of the Br00tz, it doenst need to be very versitle.

see my previous thread about this sort of thing for amp and so on...
Yes, the Triple Wreck is better.
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yes, i understand that. but is it worth the extra 170 bucks? i mean, if its just a little (LITTLE) better, i'll go with the Hardwire. But if the Triple Wreck is MUCH better than the hardwire, i'll save some more money and go with the triple wreck.

you can do a lot with 170 dollars, so.....
Much better. At least that's my opinion. Youtube?

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yeah, i've also found these 2 videos:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBjfEkC2-qo (wampler)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XK6dEXrhLKo (hardwire)

this guy plays alot better, and does more styles, than the guy from your "comparisson" video (not a comparisson, he doesnt play the hardwire for some reason).

i also want to say that i want a pedal that gives me the biggest Br00tz tone. it doesnt need to be very versitle, as i have the boss st2 power stack for the more bluesy/rocky sounds.
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and 1 question: does for instance the triple wreck give me a better distortion tone than, lets say, a ENGL Tube Head Blackmore with a Framus 212 cab.?
No. The Blackmore will sound better.

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

The Hardwire TL2 will do br00tz better than the Wampler, but that's literally the only thing it can do. For a more versatile distortion, the Wampler is the way to go.
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