As of 3 days ago, i am the proud owner of an Ibanez acoustic bass, which is pretty nice. it's great being able to hear myself (i played a fender p-bass with no amp <_<. but when i got the bass, it came with plenty of questions from me, lol. i found out most of them, except one. what kind of strings do i put on this thing? do any old bass strings work, or are there specially made strings for acoustic basses?

thanks in advance
Yes, you can put electric bass strings on an acoustic bass and they work - particularly if it is an acoustic/electric and you are playing through an amplifier. A lot of people do this.

Most people use phosphor bronze or some similar sort of strings on acoustic basses, just as guitarists do with acoustic guitars. However, I suggest you stick a set of electric bass flatwounds on your acoustic bass. You get a noticeable improvement in tone and more tension on the strings, which helps make the bass ring out better acoustically.
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If you want to get away from the finger noise and fret buzz of the bronze strings, consider some tape wounds. Fender, GHS, LaBella, Roto all make them. Check for core build, some are flat, some are round.
Personally, I like the LaBella 760N tape wound.
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