Okay so as the title says Im planning on buying some new pickups. I got $200 from my uncle so that's my limit. I may decide to go over a little bit so I can have a pro install said pickups.

Anyway, Im in the market for dimarzio pickups. My guitar is an epiphone flying v with passive pickups and a tunomatic bridge, so active pickups are out of the question. So any recommendation for pickups would be really helpful guys and gals.
If you go to the Dimarzio website ( http://www.dimarzio.com/site/#/pickups/ ) you will find a hide variety of options to choose from. Your choice should be made with your playing style and needs in mind. Be sure that the pups you choose will fit and won't require routing a battery chamber or anything wierd like that.

If you are doing the work yourself be sure that your soldering skills are adequate and that you have the right Iron and a good solder. Sloppy soldering can affect your sound and the wrong equipment can damage pots (iron to powerful). Once you open up your guitar TAKE A PICTURE or pictures of the wiring and solder points as this may guide you if the instructions are difficult to follow. Don't forget to protect the guitar's finish. I use old t-shirts or towels and a bit of duct tape for the body and cut cardboard for the area I am soldering close to.

Fear not! I have replaced the pups on most of my guitars and had a blast doing it. I learned alot about how they work and and gained a huge respect for the pioneers that came up with the technology. Just be patient, take your time and have fun.

Good Luck!
Thanks, Well I'm planning on going to guitar center or wherever that sells pickups. So that way I can buy the pickups, have them install them. And then I can mess around with some other guitars while I'm waiting. So far I'm considering getting an air norton in the neck and Either an evolution or evolution 2 in the bridge.
What amp are you using, what's wrong with your tone at the moment and how do you want it to change?
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I'm using a crate gx 212. I'd just like some new pickups that are cleaner and clearer on the neck and fatter and crunchier on the bridge with endless sustain.