This is a song I just made recently and recorded. I had it up in the tab section as a .gp5 but I decided to just record it considering it sounds way better with real guitars and drums. I used Ezdrummer on this.

Influences towards this song: August Burns Red, Veil of Maya, The Black Dahlia Murder, etc.

Song is in my profile!

Let me know what you guys think about it.
This is awesome. Just from the first 30 seconds I can definitely hear the TBDM and ABR influence. Your verse riff could have easily been from any ABR song, nice job! Really enjoyed the harmonized leads around 1:17. Killer chrous(?) with the sweeping leads, very VOM-esque from this point till the end. Tones are killer, drums sound great and go very well with everything! Not much to criticize here, this was solid. Keep it up!
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sick dude, I love all the bands you mention so i really like this one

The riffs, although following some really used structures, are pretty nice. For example @0:20 you can see ABR's influence, and @0:36 TBDM. just one thing though, I think you have the exact same structure with that main riff and White Washed by ABR at 1:00

I like the more brutal approach to Veil of Maya @1:20.
by 1:40 you went all killswitch engage haha. And that outro is some brutal death metal, it sounds like beneath the massacre

pretty good stuff but you might get bashed by generic haters ha, i don't mind

check my stuff, pretty similar stuff to yours. We have some common tastes, we both like from The Faceless to even System of A Down

Lol thanks a lot man!! I think I subconsciously stole the white washed riff structure because I realized that it's pretty much the same lmfao.

I'll be sure to check out your stuff though, **** the generic haters. This is the music that it's all about xD
yeah it happens to me a lot...sometimes I write some new sick riff and I think "damn I can't believe I wrote this" and then I listen to a song I had heard only once before and go all like "damn you stole my riffs!"

and yeah I hate haters too. excuse the irony
So it turns out the band I auditioned for with this song accepted me! They loved the song and everything, I'm EXCITED.

Their name is Ænimus and are a 7-string deathcore band. Top 3 on North Bay Underground on 101.7 The Fox this last weekend. Check them out!!

If you are a 7 string guitarist who's into them or an amazing drummer who wants to try out and lives in the North Bay. Hit us up!

Hey this is sick man, good work! I can definitely hear those influences you mentioned, all of which bands I love
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1:15 is godly man. Sounds like VoM, but heavier and more powerful.
I will talk about tech-death, all the time.
Yea thanks man! The band I joined from making this song is going to keep that part for one of the songs we're going to make. It's a pretty tight breakdown, I love it hahah.
im loving this!
yeah the white washed riff part was pretty obvious but its still good

propper sick song though

the part at 1:42 sounds way better in guitar pro though
got the tabs to have a bash at it, heard it on gp5 and though **** me! that riff is godly!

checked back on your profile to hear it and i didnt think it sounded as good, but meh!

still overall id say 10 outta 10 for this

best thing ive heard for a while mate
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"I am Osiris" at 2.22 i like how it goes "BA-BA-BA-BA---Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba---BA-BA--Ba-Ba-

its badass.

if you could tweak your tone to thicken it and add bass then it would sound killer, good stuff for your age , impressed.
Lol thanks a LOT for all of the positive feedback guys!! xDD

At this rate, I might try and convince my band not to change it at all because it seems like everyone I've shown it to loves it lmao.