The white mist drenches the hills,
flooding the dense wood, revitalizing.
She drinks in the life of her mother.
Kissing the stream of meaning,
and the founder of all.

Warming rays blotted from the sky,
Billowing clouds of gray linger on.
Caressing her cheek, she is not alone.
The Earth moves against her touch,
Her mother never answers back.

Stinging of the dirt and Earth,
weeping into her mother.
The mud stained face of youth.
These hills stretch far beyond sight,
Yet this world is but a spec of existence.

The cold, grim embrace of solitude.
Echoing cries for an answer,
her mother so unforgiving.
Hopeless thoughts spew from her mind,
white of the spit lost in this mist.

Flailing about the wood in tears;
losing conscienceness.
Thoughts flicker to an end.
The blood stained torso of youth;
Mind blank, no more fear.

c4c - Not to sure about this one, constructive only plz kthxbai
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I like it. It's unique which is something I like to find. Keep 'em coming
The who is my favorite band of all time!
Thanks for the comments, any thing you guys have I will gladly crit it for ya ;D
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