So, yeah, i was kinda surprised that the pit didn't have a fish keeping thread. In my area there many many avid fish keepers. Me being one of them. I absolutely love Tropical Fresh Water fish. Right now I have a Tropical Fresh Water Cichlid Tank, A side mixed tank, and a guppy breeding tank.

Main Tank: 33 Gallon Hagen South American Amazon Biotype Tank, Heater, Fluval 4+, Penguin BioBall

German Blue Ram
Threadfin Geophaus
Geophagus Jurapai
2x Clown Loaches
3 Koi Angels
Panda Cory
2 Plecos
3 Convicts (Breeding Pair and Fry + Extra Female)

So Yeah,
Discuss, post problems, interests, questions, etc.
If this thread goes farther I'll spiff it up abit.
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I have one white molly in my tank with 2 angels and one black goldfish. The molly has recently (since about 2 weeks ago) become fat. Like, REALLY REALLY fat. It's about 9 months old. Is it just overeating or is it something like dropsy? The fins look normal.
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