iv been stuck on the same song for ages - the solo of Symphony of Destruction. no matter how much i slow it down, break it up into sections and practice with a metronome it never seems to be getting any better/faster. i dont know what to do next, i think its begining to knock me back a bit and im ready to throw in the towel on this song.
help me, what should i do??
i know it might sound wierd but just stop playing it for about a week or two, it actually works for me because when i get back to playing, whatever i was learning seems a lot easier. I guess its just to do with clearing your mind
^ Has a point.

Also, try using Guitar Pro.

When I was learning In The Presence Of Enemies Part 1, I got stuck on the first shred solo. I would somehow get upto 140, then the next day I would have to start again from 100. Had fever, didnt touch guitar for 5 days. Suddenly I was playing till 155 flawlessly. Without even warming up.