hey guys, im pretty much an amp noob so i was wondering what would be better to buy ( i play alot of metal but some blues every now and then XD)

i was thinking about either getting a laney gh50l with the laney cab for it and possibly getting a maxon od808 to boost it. Since i dont want my neighbours to hate me, i have to play quiety on monday, tuesday and wednesday but i can crank it on the other days when there at work. Does anyone with experience with this amp know if it can nail those high gain tones at low volumes with or without a boost. Also, would it be worth getting an attentuator. The only other unit i was thinking about was the pod x3 but if anyone has better suggestions, thatd be awesome. thanks

p.s can you use the pod with a cab and if so, does it kind of "colour" the tone slightly?
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haven't tried it, but my friend has it and he says it's really awesome for metal.

otherwise i think you should try with a Peavey JSX or the Bugera 333 (the copy). the gain on thsoe amps lies in the preamp tubes mostly which means its possible to get a high gain tone even at low volumes (unlike for an instance the ENGL Ritchie Blackmore, which in my experience is very poweramp-based).
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The Laney GH50L is a great amp but it's 50W and will hard to crank at home.

For quiet bedroom playing, I would recommend the Pod over the Laney. Otherwise, the Laney is the real deal. I hate Pod cleans btw.
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I've never tried the GH50, but I've got a Laney VC50, also a 50 watt tube amp with a high-gain preamp, and it sounds pretty good at low volumes. Because these amps have a lot of preamp distortion on tap there's no problem getting lots of distortion at low volumes, it's just that it doesn't sound as ballsy and full-sounding as when you turn the master volume up. Still sounds way better than my roland cube 20x practice amp at low volumes.

Also a boost can be handy, but its not a requirement.
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thanks for the help guys, im going to try one in the evening, does anyone have any settings i should try out since the guy at my local guitar shop is a complete twat and gives me hardly any time to noodle around with the amp, so i just want to go straight in there with some killer settings. thanks
I happen to own that amp. It sounds lovely, but I don't know if it's right for you.

First, what types of metal do you play?
Second, do you live in a single family house, or a flat, or...?
Third, what is your maximum budget and where are you located?
i play all sorts of metal a couple of examples are children of bodom, trivium and some pantera stuff. I play blues though alot as well so i just need something with a decent crunch too. my max budget is £1000 and i live in a semi detached house which has some natural soundproofing so for eg on my flextone i can get the volume to about 8 or 9 before my neighbours can hear. I live in london so laneys are pretty cheap here, the heads around £450

its more about the lead tone though, i play quite alot of fast stuff and on my flextone it just sounds way to muddy even though im sure ive pretty much got the best setting for it, on my friends engl invader it sounds really clean so im just looking for soemthing that also has alot of clarity and clearness in its leads without being muddy
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Okay, you'll have to keep the master on the lowest setting, because that thing is loud, but it should be workable. Consider putting some 6L6GCs in the power amp, they change the tone quite a bit, but imo the amp doesn't sound good with the EL34s at low levels.

The 808 is a good idea, it will get you a good metal tone with that amp.

Try the following settings:

Resonance on
Presence: 9 o'clock
Bass: 12 o'clock
Middle: 12 o'clock
Treble: 9 o'clock
Gain: 12 o'clock
Drive switch on
Drive: 12 o'clock

Then work from there. The amp is very bright, so you'll probably need to keep the presence and treble low. It will sound more like a rock than a metal amp without a boost in front though, even with a lot of gain dialed in.
Use your guitar's volume knob to get clean and bluesy tones. I get very nice cleans and crunch from mine with my strat that way. I recommend soldering a capacitor to your guitar's volume pot for that. The amp has a pretty biting and agressive tone btw, so if you're after a smooth, jazzy blues tone you might be disappointed. The low gain tones from it are nice, but it sounds more agressive than mellow.

Consider something different than the Laney cab though. The speakers in the GS212 and GS412 aren't that great. An Orange PPC212 or Engl Pro 212 would be more suitable for the styles you play (and are just better cabs in general).

I'm not certain the amp will be much better than your Flextone at bedroom levels... I mean, Flextones are pretty nice. With a bit more volume the GH is fantastic though.

EDIT: The GH does a very nice lead tone, but an Invader is a purpose-built metal amp, while the GH is a rock amp that needs to be convinced to do metal with a boost in front of it. Not saying it doesn't sound nice for br00tz, but with these two amps it's kinda like comparing apples and oranges.
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quailman thanks you soo much, you are the man XD. the only other amp they have on show is the blackstar s1 45 combo so ill try begging for enough time for a side by side comparison between them, has anyone ever played the s1 combo since there are hardly any good videos of it on youtube. thanks

p.s would it be worth saving up for another year to maybe get an engl powerball since my boss just told me im getting a pay rise . thanks again for the help
If you can wait, it's probably worth it. The Powerball II is supposed to be nice and seems to fit the bill. Also, you'd have some time to go to different shops and try out plenty of amps to find one you like, so you won't have to rely on stuff you hear on the internet. It's always best to hear an amp in person to judge whether it works for you or not.

You can also get a used GH50L, sell it a year later and get the Powerball then. They can be found for really cheap in the UK.
thanks for the help again lol, does anyone else have any suggestions for metal amps under £1000 since i have to be veryy specific about what i want to order in at the guitar shop and ive tried looking at other threads of metal amps under £1000 but people seems to like posting things that are above £1000 for some reason and people like spamming DUAL RECTIFIER NOWW lol. thanks
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I have one. The GH50L sounds beastly for metal with the second gain knob engaged. You can even set the first gain at ~4 for a clean sound, then use the footswitch to engage the second, with the gain all the way up for some metal crunch.

It's an awesome sounding amp, with both gain knobs all the way up, you have more gain than any amp I've owned. The GH50L can do metal, no problem, without a boost. For a Marshall clone though, I find it doesn't have very much high end (maybe it's the tubes in mine). My settings are:

Reso - On
Presence - 7
Bass - 5
Mids - 7
Treble - 7
Gain 1 - 4
Gain 2 - 10

Mine also has 6L6s in it, but I plan on putting some EL-34s in it tomorrow, because I hate 6L6s
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^That's odd, mine has extreme amounts of presence and treble. I keep both knobs below 12 o'clock at all times. I also find that while it has ass loads of gain, it doesn't sound right for br00tz without a tubescreamer in front. Maybe that's just me.

I thought you had sold yours some time ago?

Tell me how you like it with the different tubes, will ya?