I only watched the speed one and I think his video is pointless. This should be guitar common sense. Everybody should know this, speed is a byproduct of accuracy. It gets built over years, not just days. If you work on your accuracy and playing at slower speeds (and by slow I mean really slow with a metrenome so you can play perfectly) then gradually you will notice a permanent difference in your playing for better. There is no other way. All these pro's didn't get fast overnight, it was over years of practice and dedication. You need to have the patience. And tbh, you shouldn't really need some famous shredder to tell you that. That should be common knowledge.
EDIT: And speed isn't a measure of talent or skill, I hate it when people ask me how fast I can play then assume I suck because I can't play "that solo" at full speed or whatever. Just pisses me off.

Sorry, rant over
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Stop with the speed is a byproduct of accuracy slogan that gets peddled round here.

It is not just purely accuracy that brings speed, you have to TRY to play fast too.

Anyway, that point aside, i know it should be common knowledge, you know it should be, but there are a tonne of people that don't who simply won't/can't work it out for themselves.

The most pertinent bit for me was in the first video when he says 'you've gotta practice, you've gotta put the time in'. Some people aren't willing to do it.
Gah if some people need some famous shredder to tell them how to do things then so be it, and the fact that it isn't common guitar knowledge is reason why their are so many people asking for tips to get faster, and so many people struggling.