Okay.. So i've been looking at this little thing lately..


As its the sort of practice amp i'd maybe want for this blues/rock/funk im playing lately.

I have already, a randall rg75 g3 Combo. Its too loud to crank for home practice, so its more for band & gigs mostly now.

I'm not gigging often though, but the amp is there.

I got given £200 as of late.

I was also looking at...




In the hope of selling my randall and buying something smaller, but all tube, and having more tone profit.

Thing is, the randall still gives a good noise, and i do play heavy metal sometimes, and i've got that amp for that. I'm leaning towards buying the laney cub for my little practice amp, as i rarely play metal, and the randall still gives a nice noise when you have it low 'cause its transtube.

What do you guys think i should do? I know it looks like I've made up my mind but i want to be dead sure first.
I haven't tried any of those 3, so probably take what I'm saying with a pinch of salt, but based on my experience, the low wattage tube amps (like the laney) are one-trick ponies. The cub 10 has a master volume, so it might be a little more versatile, but I still doubt you're getting anything approaching high gain out of it.

The blackstar and the jet city (if you're ok with one channel) are probably closer to what you're used to if you're playing much in the way of modern music. The jet city gets a better press, but as I said, I haven't tried either. And if you like the idea of the laney, by all means get it, there's no law against having different amps for different tones.
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