Hey guys, im looking after a new guitar. Got my Laney GH50 amp recently, and also a Peavey 6505+ (this is from our second guitarist, but his amp is at my place so i play both heh) so its time to get a new guitar!

Music style = Bit like Katatonia/Opeth, both older and new stuff

Guitar preferences = NO funny looking ones (preferably les paul shape even, duno right name for this :p). Preferably no tremelo bar (ill be moving this around a lot with my bike ><, and one day i'll buy myself a 2nd nice guitar with trem bar) Apart from this, ive actually no idea what to look for hehe!

Budget = between 500 and 750 euro, probably going to look for something second handed, so you could suggest something above this price
I don't know about prices, but a used Les Paul or even a PRS for the tremolo sounds like it would fit the bill. An Ibanez RG would be excellent but it's not everyone's cup of tea. Maybe an Ibanez S series?
I doubt you will find a used Les Paul (maybe a Special or BFG) or a good PRS for that money in Europe. A used SG would fit the bill, though. Or even a new SG Special Faded.
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gibson les paul studio ?
ESP LTD EC-1000?

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Jup, i was looking into esp/ltd guitars already. I like their looks and sound (atleast, i like the bands that use em haha)

Ive heard bad things from the les paul studio so im stayin away from those

SG > Do not like those looks man! (sorry for all SG users:p)

Washburn looks like though; the WI45 looks cool (idol series)

Im pretty comfort with Ibanez guitars aswell though, so i was already lookin into some of these aswell

But, how would these brands (w/o changin pups afterwards) handle Jazz and Metal?
I play Jazz in musicschool but play metal at home, so would need versatile guitar rlly
(Metal = not death metal or so, so dont need/want uber distortion lol, just some heavy riffs every now and then! )
I reccomend you the EC-401 ltd. I believe it's the LTD's ESP eclipse.

Very nice sound EMG pickups 60/81 (neck/bridge) and also a clean sound that it's just wonderful. On my country a new one costs 850 euro :S but you said you'll problably buy used so this is a nice suggestion
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I was checkin market here today (2nd handed i mean) and i came across
-PRS SE singlecut €500
-ESP LTD deluxe ec-1000 €600