Hope someone can help.

I'd been playing a guitar with a 2 humbuckers through a Roland VGA3 amp.

I mostly play on bridge position and on a high gain setting but was playing something clean and realised that I was still getting a bit of a kind of slight crackling/gain through the speaker, no matter which PU position I was on.

So I tried switching guitars and it was fine, switch back again and the problem comes back, so I know it's not the amp.

Anyone got any ideas?

They are Wilkinson MWVCs. They are in a Vintage V100 Les Paul copy. Pretty decent hardware really.

They had been fine on clean before but not now. And they aren't really superhigh output or anything.
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Could be a few things:

Input jack loose (simply tighten the nut)
The contact on the inside of the input jack is bending back (take it out and push it in, you'll know what i mean when you see it)
Dodgy solder/loose-ish wire in the electronics (again, take it apart, see if there are any obvious cold connections, resolder)

That's all i can think of for now
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maybe its your cable? Is your input on a different angle for the cable in your other guitar? just a thought that maybe the cable is breaking up and that is causing the crackle?
Ratfish: I'll have a butchers at it tonight and see if any of these things are needing sorted.

Jonny: It's a side-mounted jack on the V100 and a Schecter C1 Plus with the same. So who knows lol.

I've actually got a warranty on this so I think I'll take a wee nick by the shop next week and get them to fix it I only just realised this.

I do like to sometimes take a look at things and learn what I can from the guitar and from others, so thanks a lot for your suggestions, appreciated
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hope you get it sorted

Cheers man.

I'll post back when I've been to get it looked at and let you's know what was ACTUALLY up.