Playing guitar is life long journey you will never stop learning this great instrument. It will give back so much enjoyment and healing that only guitar players know. Here are some quick tips for someone just starting out on guitar.

1. Find a Mentor or Teacher

It is ok to learn a little on your own but eventually you really need to seek out an instructor that can show you how to play guitar. With his or her knowledge you will learn much faster and not learn the wrong way when you are starting out.

2. Learn The Basics First

When you are just starting out it is vital that you learn the basics first. For example know all your parts of the guitar, know how to tune the guitar manually and using a electronic tuner. Get to know your basic chords and keys. This is the very first step you should take.

3. Learn Your Strumming Patterns

After you have some of the basics down you want to learn how to strum with your right hand. Most of the songs will be in 4/4 time you want to start out with quarter note strumming which is 4 down strokes per bar/measure. Keep it steady and smooth do not dig into your strings.

4. Another Strumming Pattern

Once you get the quarter not strumming pattern down you want to go into eighth note strumming. This is also called alternate strumming. For example 1&2&3&4 Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up picking. Once you practice this try and use this most of the time when you are playing it will make your songs sound much better!

5. Learn Some Easy Songs

After you have got some basics down and learn to strum your basic chords try and find some easy songs to learn. Find a recording of the song and listen to it how are they strumming, what is the tempo/how fast or slow is the song. Train your ear for this or get sheet music or tab to help you out to learn the song.

Take your time with guitar you can't learn it all in one week or one year like I said it's a life long journey of learning. Remember to have fun and try to keep practicing.

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Great man! Nice tips... I really love these tips.
Well in the beginning I first started with pieces and then after that I moved into scales, chord shapes, I have taken help from a couple of websites for learning theory about guitars, then I went for Youtube videos and belive me it worked a lot for me. and now after an experience of 5 year I become a master....Thanks a lotzzzzzzzzzz for sharing.
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