Im trying to register but every time I try and upload my pic i get

there was an error uploading your file.
Please try again and ensure your file is under 1MB in size and at least 135px wide.

The picture is within the limit and ive tried almost every random pic on my pc, all of them get this error.

Its in the right format, right size, right everything it just wont upload.... very annoying.

I was wondering if anyone has had this problem and if there is a solution? cheers
Can't say I had that particular problem but it might be something wrong on their end. Send an e-mail to the webmaster with your problem.
A bit late now, but I had this and put in into photobucket and changed the size of it and was fine.

But the 4 hours today trying for a ticket meant it was useless anyway.

EDIT: Haha this thread is OLD...Didn't realise