I know nothing about volume pedals.

Can anyone run me through how these operate, and what they are good for?

I am really happy with my setup, but am looking for a bit of a boost for solo work. Will a volume pedal do the trick for me?

If your looking for a boost, try an EQ or a treble booster.

A volume pedal is exactly what your read.
It will rarely give you a boost in volume unless you have it set at a lower level then rock it up during the solo section. Some volume pedals have a 'built-in' boost though, which, in turn is no longer just a volume pedal.
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I dont think a volume pedal is what you're searching for then, passive volume pedals operate as the volume knob on your guitar, so you wont be able to have an higher output than the one you already have. Anyway, an active volume pedal would be able to give you a boost, but i'd rather go for some kind of boost pedal or eq
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another suggestion, but eQs, and even an OD will work if you adjust gain properly.

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