I'll go first:

Transit, Title Fight and/or Daylight.

I REALLY REALLY hope one of them (OR ALL OF THEM) visit Manila sometime.

We already had Ruiner and Bane (Have Heart, last year),so i really hope someone here can make my dream gig happen.
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I love you.

Right now I guess I'd like to see La Dispute (who are coming over soon), Gaslight Anthem (not as part of Soundwave Festival), Title Fight, Tiger's Jaw, Shook Ones. A lot of bands come through here though so I'm a bit luckier than you mate. Well here's hoping for a title fight australia/SE Asia tour then ?
Converge, Title Fight, Kylesa, Touche Amore, La Dispute, Misery Signals, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Punch, mewithoutYou, This Will Destroy You and Blacklisted. And a lot of other bands, too many to remember/think of.
There's obviously lots of metal heads in Norway, but I don't really like conventional metal, and lots of the metal heads here are elitist douche bags so I don't know how that scene goes. Hardcore and punk are pretty closely tied with the left-wing political networks and most "real" hardcore shows are either at vegan anarcho-communist places (This and this for example) or there are people passing out flyers everywhere, usually both. No tough guy bullshit, literally everyone I've met at these places are super nice people.
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