It is my band. We're playing metalcore/melodic deathcore with extreme guitar riffs, ruthless breakdowns and unique melodies.
Maybe someone here will be interested in our music. Write your opinion about it here)


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Just listened to Final Gain. Lots of cool stuff happening with the kicks in the intro to keep the song moving along and interesting. The transition between the heavy vocals and the first clean vocals seemed a little forced to me though. The ascending guitar lines at around 2:00 reminded me of BTBAM, and they were worked into the song really well.

Overall, really interesting stuff, and great quality recording too.

Well done
Dig the music dude. You guys are pretty sick. Maybe you could check out my band as well? (the link is in my sig) We play in essentially the same genre. By the looks of your top, we also have a lot of the same influences.

Come to the states!
New single Dead Waterfall is online.

The idea of a single has come to our heads quite spontaneously. Actually, we don't approve any EP or singles. We just wanted to record a full-length album. However, for a variety of causes we've decided to record a single Dead Waterfall.

Dead Waterfall differs by technics and melodics of sounding from our debut album Gulf Of Sharks, but it keeps the same atmosphere and constructed on the same base. This song will be included on the second album and will be one of the lightest songs there. At the same time other songs won't loose those parties 'cause of which it would be desirable to hear to an album once again.

We're planning to start recording of an album in the end of summer/fall of 2011.

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Some news:
Some time ago Sergey Denisov, our guitar player, has left the band. After that we found a new musician - Mikhail Kozirev. Now Sergey came back to WSSA as third guitar player, which we've been searching for a long time. Now with 3 guitars our sound will be more melodic and breakdowns more powerfull.

And a few words about our second album:
A recording is planned to the end of Summer 2011.

Stay tuned! \m/