Heres a song ive been writing for a while, finally finished it up, lots of time signatures in there and counter melody guitar parts. hopefully you guys like it. influenced by bands like the arusha accord, between the buried and me and stuff like that.

anyhoo any criticisms or improvements i could make give me a comment. this is not for people into rigid song structures, this song is constantly changing with very little repetition, so thats a taste not a criticism

Kick ass. You need to record this with real instruments and record it. Now.

If a pizza has a radius of "Z" and a height of "A" it has a volume of pi(z)(z)(a)
Oh fantastic you finally finished been waiting for this for the better part of year hehe, and may I say you haven't disappointed either.

All your riffs are solid, and since I'm someone who listens to this kind of mad proginess on a regular basis I can definately take it haha. However my only gripe is the lack of bass, it seems to me that often guitarist neglect it and say that because they don't play it they don't know how to write for it [not saying this is you necessarily]. but you should totally think about writing a bass part for it. Use it as a second counter melody kind of instrument. There are a couple of places where transitions could be tighter and a bass would really help in that kind of role. Now I understand the genre is mainly around to keep people guessing, shifting beats around and such, but its really no excuse for not having tight transitions.

Just treat it as a third guitar

again, no slight on you my friend. You have some serious compositional skills here. the only thing missing for me is the bass, and yes that is literally the only thing wrong with it, I have no problem with the harmonies or chord choices or riff, or what ever.

Good job. Hope you didn't find this crit too harsh, considering the amount of time you must have put into this.

If you ever find yourself with some time to spare and want to crit something in return, take a poke at one of my "progcore" songs in ma sig. Doesn't matter which, infact don't even feel obliged to crit for that matter its all good.
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i dont have a bass, ive never played bass so i dont know whats possible for a decent person to play on it so i dont write anything incase its too complicated. i played all this on guitar before so i know i can play it at my current ability easily.
Its really not that different from a guitar you know Whatever you write it would certainly be playable I reckon. As long as you keep to the same idea of not too large jumps around the frets like you would with a guitar.

At least thats how I see it..
shit just realised i messed up near the end, there is a bar that pretty much repeats twice when it was supposed to be a second ending to that section, hopefully you will see where i mean, just ignore that part
I quite liked it as well.

All the riffs are interesting enough and the way you handle rhythms in the "pure math" section is a delight. I was also going to comment on the lack of bass - it would really tie the piece together. Without bass(&drum) you really are forgetting half of the foundation of any rock music piece.

I know you stated that the constant changing is a matter of taste, but I do think that the intro is a bit incoherent. I almost lost interest before it got to the clean section - that got me listening intently again. It's not that you should have more repetition, perhaps a clearer theme would be nice, however. That is only my take though.

The counter melody bit was, I think, perhaps the best bit. Before and during the DimRiff bit it kind of lost cohesion again, to me, again to have my attention restored by another very thematically thought out clean section.

I feel also that perhaps you could reprise an earlier theme in the very end, to really create this flow and the notion that "now it's going to end". It kind of feels like it ended on a half note. My ear expects it to go on.

Otherwise, very solid! Thanks for the interesting listen!


Care to also comment anything on mine? (No pressure, just asking)

It's quite different from your music however. :P
Hark! Is that a mellotron I hear?