I'm in a band called Furthest From Ithaca.

We're a band from Birmingham in the UK. We combine lots of different influences (main ones been ffaf, paramore, underoath) to create a heavy and catchy sound. Would be great if you could check us out on our facebook page and listen to our two demos


Listening to "For Better For Worse". Already hearing the Paramore influence, production values are pretty good, did you record them in the studio?

Can hear the FFAF influence in the backing too, sounds cool. Pretty good song overall, not the most original concept in the world I don't think, but certainly enjoyable. Listening to "A Night Less Ordinary" now - is that an Ash reference? Massive kudos if it is! FFAF influence is quite prelevant here too, I think I'd have picked up on it even if you hadn't mentioned it in your post. I think I prefer this track overall.

Can I ask how old you guys are? It all sounds good and promising, it just feels a little... 'niave' - like you guys are still looking for your niche. I don't mean any offence by this, and it's not a bad thing. I think with some more progressive song writing you'll be churning out some really good stuff. These two tracks feel a tiny bit recycled - I think once you guys find the sound you're looking for, you'll be well on your way!

Really good overall though, keep it up!

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Cheers guys appreciate it.

Both tracks were recorded in our mates bands lockup. Not too sure about the ash reference haha ill have to ask the singer =]

Our age range is 21-30 believe it or not lol, these are quite old tracks really and our newer ones have much more whole band involvement (in terms of writing) so they sound better imo

Thanks for the feedback though man, ill check out your band now
lol the album covers. You guys sound like a heavier version of paramore. I think you guys should work on the screams though they sound a little weak. The clean vocals are good except they're a little quiet in the mix. The snare sounds like it has a lot of reverb, but maybe it's just me. Good job.

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