Well, my Yamaha Pacfica 012(Strat stype)'s headstock is literally pulled foward which is odd because I believe the headstock is supposed to be flat for a Strat...
Here is a picture of it:

I do not know if it's normal for guitars to be like that after the tension of strings are applied. So plz help here. I used to use 0.10 strings until I found out that the headstock is bent so now im back to 0.9s, but it's still bent
The headstock is not sky high that the strings pop out of the nut of the nut when you play, but it is possible to pull to middle two strings out of the nut by force even when tuned.
By a worried guitar beginner

P.S.I made a thread about this like a week ago but didn't get many people to focus on this specific topic so plz excuse me for making another one and this time hopefully I'll get more feedbacks.
That looks normal to me. The headstock is straight, the pegs of the tuners are straight. I did a Google on that guitar and found some with side profiles, which look the same as yours. My Fenders come with 10s and I really can't see that part of the headstock bending under the tension of 10s.
Steven is right...

It really doesn't seem anything off normal, just keep an eye on it if your that concerned.
But it really does look fine.
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...that's how the neck is made. It's completely normal
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A lot of people get confused about this. Most peopel thinkt he neck is straight and see the headstock has being bent, however it's actually the other way around: your headstock is completely straight, but it's your neck which is curved (which is normal and in fact necessary). Take another look at the whole neck from the side-on, you'll notice it curves inwards gently. That's what makes the headstock seem off.
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