so my new pedalboard works great, except for one thing - it powers the pedals using a built in power supply, and the power supply cables are minijack to minijack - how the hell am I supposed to plug a minijack into my pedals?

its no biggie if I can't - DC - minijack replacements are £1.50 on thomann...
lol what the hell kind of pedalboard is this?!? :O
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Quote by darkwolf291
Would this by any chance be a smurf-sized pedalboard?

It has to be...

BTW the "mini-jacks" are for the classic pedals, like the Ibanez 808~Although I do not understand why they would only give you those...since those are only for 0.01% of the pedals on the market...

Go to ebay and look for onespot power supply, or their adaptors if you can't find any of them around.

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