I wont lie, when I first heard your guitar squeal and the drummer start playing I thought this was going to suck major balls

but, I kept listening and it wound up being pretty decent Keep practicing man, you guys will sound alot tighter with a bassist too i'd imagine and more structure, I dont really care for the tone those line 6's give either. Overall I can dig it, even though it's not really my style

crit for crit?

Yeah I'd have to agree with you on that one man, it was a pretty bad intro we tried. We do have a bassist and a band, we'll keep working on it. I had to mic my amp because it wouldnt go up against that double bass. Thanks for the feedback
Haha I'll agree with the first response. I was about to close out of that tab when I heard that intro. Anyways, you have some nice riffs, especially for an improv. Your friend is a great drummer by the way. You guys just need to work on timing and stuff, and fix that intro! Good luck.

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