sup guys

i remember watching an anime film anywhere between 5 and 8 years ago and im looking to find it

all i can recall is there being a girl that was a robot, and a boy that fell in love with her, it was all very steam punk ish and it ended with the robot falling off a walkway and crying when the boy lets her go . . . . i think

i know its prea vauge but any help would be great!
my life as a teenage robot?
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haha anime
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+1. Definitely Metropolis. You can pick it up at borders for like 30 bucks.
You just described like, 50 animes right there.
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What kind of pussy anime are you watching?
Battle Angel Alita

You can thank me later.

EDIT: And it totally sounds more like Metropolis now that I'm reading the OP over.

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