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Hey everyone I know its cheesy to ask, but two years ago my girlfriend and I were supposed to go on her dream trip to New York for a week and two days before the trip she was diagnosed with cancer. She is all done her chemo now and made a perfect recovery. I just entered a competition to be the mascot for a local radio station and the prize is a trip for two to Mexico. If you could vote for me I would really appreciate it because I would like to take her on a trip to make up for her missing New York. You don't have to sign up for anything just click vote at the top.

EDIT: You can vote once a day so if you think of it please vote again!
Edit: I posted my proof near the bottom but I have a feeling a lot of people wont read it so here is a photo Link
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sorry to say, but how do we know that your sad story about your gf is true?
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sorry to say, but how do we know that your sad story about your gf is true?

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Voted! Glad to hear your girl made a recovery, I wish all who have cancer can do the same.

....I expect NoOdZ of your gf lololollol!!!!

....I jest. Actually, even if this story is fabricated, you'd get my vote for making up such a great way to manipulate yourself a trip to Mexico, where I assume you would smoke mass amounts of weed and nail cheap hookers at every available opportunity.
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Voted. Good luck to you and your girlfriend.
I voted. I've had experiences with cancer too. Unfortunately the two people I knew didn't make it. Glad to hear someones pulling through!
Don't normally vote, but voted.
Sunn O))):
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Is there a way to see other contestants totals?

Two of the others have like 60 each, but the other guy is only about 10 behind.

Voted btw
Voted. Happy to hear you GF made it
I would've voted even without the "proof"
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... file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Rob/My%20Documents/My%20Pictures/Summer%2010/amp%20test%20001.mpg
here is the link
open like another tab or something and copy and paste this into url.
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Is there a way to see other contestants totals?

if you put your mouse over the contests tab then click Kaptain K, it will show you the other contestants. If you lick their picture you can see their totals.

thank you all so much. I really really appreciate it and when I tell Kait she will also really appreciate it.
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thank you for voting, here is the best I can do for proof


Thx for the pix bruh.

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Thx for the pix bruh.
Voted, brah. I hope you win.
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Voted, good luck bro.
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Voted. Good luck to you and your girlfriend.
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