Poll: Favorite Vintage Compressor Pedal?
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70's MXR Dyna Comp
3 60%
70's Ross Compressor
2 40%
Voters: 5.
For my next DIY pedal project I'm researching classic compressor pedals to base a clone on to give me added note sustain with my playing. The two vintage pedals I'm studying now are the 70's MXR Dyna Comp and the Ross Compressor. They have very similar circuit design with the Ross adding extra filtering and is a favorite classic compressor pedal to clone. The Ross 'narrow box' is my architype but the MXR is also very popular, so maybe I'll base my clone on a hybrid of the two? At the moment I can't find any gut shots of the Ross narrow box version but I suspect it looks very similar if not a direct clone of the old MXR circuit board.

I'll be going through the same process and build techniques used to reverse engineer a clone as with my Neo-Classic 741 Overdrive project, but hopefully this time it won't take me 5 months to research and develop! My tentative name for this DIY clone project is 'Neo-Classic Dyno Soar' with appropriately themed graphic design artwork. But since these are my first thoughts for a compressor pedal clone everything is subject to change. Your thoughts are welcome.

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