So I turned on my amp for a little morning practice, and I heard one of the sounds that guitarists dread: Crackling. Did a bit of research, a bit of testing, and I'm pretty sure that my preamp tubes are dying.

So it looks like I'll be doing my first retube.

When I bought my VK, it was already modded with JJ tubes. At least, I know the power amp tubes are, I'm not sure about the preamp, I don't know if it's stock or what. Since it's dying, I'm assuming it is. The power amp tubes I know for sure are fine and not the problem.

I know relatively very little about tubes, but something is perplexing me to no end: the VK has 3 12AX7's and 4 6L6GC's, right? Well for some reason, there appears to only be 1 12AX7 in the amp. There are 3 metal tubes, all labeled 12AX7, but I can only see an actual tube in one of them. This strikes me as very... abnormal, to say the least, but I wouldn't really know, given my lack of knowledge of tubes.

Despite that, the amp works fine, and has worked perfectly fine in couple months that I've owned it now. So I don't really know what that can mean.

Apart from that, I'm pretty sure I need to get JJ ECC83S tubes for the preamp. I'll be ordering from Eurotubes. A question I have about that is, do I need a different kind of tube for the phase inverter? I read something about that somewhere. Also, how do I know which one of the tubes is the phase inverter? And for that matter, what is a phase inverter?

So yeah... help?
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See if the amp has a Phase Inverter in the manual. That would just be the last preamp tube before the Power Tubes. Usually a nice low gain tube goes there like a NOS 5751 or 12AT7, but make sure it can handle the latter (some amps aren't designed to). Then go for it.
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See an Amp tech if your really puzzled about it
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