What do you guys think? My dad recently dismantled a chair from when he lived in brazil for a year, and it was made of jacaranda, a Brazillian hardwood. I think that one of these designs with a carved jacaranda top, basswood wings stained pretty dark (another piece we have on hand, might be changed) neck through construction, but with the jacaranda top over it so it looks like a one piece body from the front. It wont be bookmatched because the pieces are only 3-3 1/2 inches wide, and 3/4 or an inch thick. The neck will probably be maple with 2 thin stripes of jacaranda surrounding a thicker stripe of ebony. The fretboard will be ebony, with a nice MOP inlay (I think). Probably 1 vol 1 tone, 2 humbuckers, 5way with coil splitting, chrome hardware, floyd rose? blah blah blah. Now who wants to finance it? I know that's dumb, but I will build it for pretty cheap once I finish my first guitar (which has been going pretty well, and will probably be done in the next few weeks) I totally understand if nobody wants to buy from me because I've only built one guitar before, but whatever. Which one do you guys think looks better?
Those are awesome. They kinda resemble the Breedlove Mark I series.
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I like your designs better. The second one is the better of the two.

The jacaranda pieces aren't the ones that are 3" wide, are they?
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So you guys like the second one better as a general opinion? I may try and mesh them a little, and really finalize these designs, but I think I like the one with the horn as well. Yes the jaracanda is the one that'd about 3" wide. the 1st guitar dies have sort of a pointy feel to the belly of the guitar, which looks cool and different, in my opinion, but that was not on purpose. Maybe I'll try to embellish that, or at least bring it out and feature it a little more. Thanks for the input guys.