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I feel that I need to buy a tablature book so I can play songs that challenge me more. I don't know whether I would consider myself a beginner or an intermediate. I would want a book with different artists not just one album. Anyone know a good book for me.

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i was in chapters a while back looking through their self help music section and they have a couple big books of tab with about 100 different artists/ songs in each. I think its actually called "100 songs every artist should know" or something along those lines.

I never bought them cause you can get just about anything off this site, but it might help you decide what you want to learn, and then search here for the tab. My opinion is DO NOT BUY TAB BOOKS!! from what ive seen its never worth the money. If you want something you can hold and take with you when cpu is not accessable just copy/ paste the tab into notepad (comes with all windows based o/s) and print.