I have a Martin DM-12 , 12 String Acoustic - MINT CONDITION

Gibson Thunderbird (According to serial it's from the year 2000) (Great Condition)

Warwick Corvette Std. (Great Condition - no nicks - light scratches on back)

Just need to know the prices/how much they're worth. Can post pictures if it will help determine a more accurate price range.
Thanks got a better idea on two out of three of the guitars.

I've only seen one other online like my tbird that went for 900 used.

Any one know anything more about the ThunderBird Gibson year 2000 studio (dark red) ?

Here is what it looks like: http://cgi.ebay.com/T-Used-Gibson-Thunderbird-Studio-heather-poly-326618201-/280551010882?pt=Guitar&hash=item415224b242

Heard it was rare but not sure, what the actual used value would be.
I'd put the T bird for around a grand, but be wiling to drop the price a tad if it's not selling. You should be able to get $600-$800 for the Warwick.

Can't help you with the Martin unfortunately.
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