Hi guys!!

So,my birthday is coming up next month...and i plan to treat myself to a new guitar..
and there where the confusion lies...I don’t know if i should get the JP6 or the JS2400.
I’ve played the JS 1200 but not the 2400 and i loved it.just the feel of it is amazing.

Now i know (and heard)that the JS2400 is probably not the best option if i play a lot of metal genres(which i do)and being a big fan of Petrucci as well...i looked at his signature JP6(mystic dream).i haven’t played it but seen videos and it sounds like a dream to me and i feel its going to suit my needs better than the JS2400.

Please help me!!Im super confused!!reviews/opinions/if any of you own either of these guitars..whatever...just give me some feedback and tell me which one i should go for.

P.S-Yes,im hellbent on buying a signature guitar.I have the money at the moment.
Well, since you're hellbent on it, I'd go Petrucci myself.

Edit: For future reference, this kind of thread goes better in the "Electric Guitar" subforum.
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