So far I have copper shielded the cavity and the pick guard. I have also replaced the original lotus tuners with Fender Vintage Style tuners. This is what is seen in the picture below.
I have the Seymour Duncan SSL 5 new in box. I am waiting for the Fender CS 69 to come in off Ebay. I have yet to find a single Fender CS Fat 50 for sale under $65, so I'm still waiting on that.
I was told that I am going to have major problems lining up and fitting the pick ups into the Lotus pick guard. I am either going to attempt it or buy a fender pick guard. If I buy a fender pick guard then I assume I will be making new holes in the body. My other concern is the bridge. Any way here is where I am at.
Crappy picture I will make the next ones better.
A guy on another forum told me if I stick with the Lotus pick guard the Seymour Duncan is just ever so slightly longer than the hole (this is true, but not sure if its true about the Fender CS pickups) He said if I cut the hole out enough to fit the Duncan I will wind up off setting the pickup poles with the stings and bridge.

So should I go for it and see? I mean it just barely fits. Or should I just get a Fender pick guard and bridge?
I am thinking I am just going to see how things line up 1st. This is my 1st attempt at a mod so if it does not work I will be able to tell another later.
The magnets in te poles should be strong enough that a slight offset shouldn't matter if it does happen. Try using files to make it bigger instead of cutting, more work but alot more accuracy. Don't forget to plan out on both sides exactly how much you are filing down and mark it then just sand it a little to smooth out more.

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That sounds good. The space between the pickup hole and the screw holes is wide enough i believe to give me some slack. But I do need to see if the Pick up holes even line up with the pick guard holes.
It is weird the old Lotus pick ups are real tall with a slab of magnet holding the actual wound pick up and a metal plate bottom cover. You can pull the slab out and it has this residue that scratches off easy.
I want to keep the Lotus pick guard because it obviously fits. I will eventually change out the bridge because the Lotus bridge's tremolo hole is stripped out, but I'm not hard up for a tremolo just yet.
It is just getting to the point of how far down the road do I need to plan. If I can get everything to fit now with these modifications, will I blow it when it comes tome to replace the bridge.