Hi guys,

didn't really know where to put this so here we go - I am planning on studying music after school and have just started taking theory lessons to pass the exam in order to be able to study. Still, there is a practical part in which I have to play 3 songs, one of which is my own choice.

I have, however no clue what songs I should play, which songs would be sufficient for a usual audition.

So what I wanted to know is basically, if you could suggest some songs for me that would be appropriate to play at an audition?

I've got about 1 to 1 1/2 year left so I've got plenty of time to practice and become better.

criteria: - electric guitar
- intermediate - advanced skill

or: - acoustic guitar
- intermediate skill (classical gas kind of level)

Cheers for helping me out
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I would suggest (probably an obvious thing) something that uses various techniques and of course not something completely obnoxious or anything, such as playing some guttural death metal song with the flashiest solo possible that pays no attention to notes (then again I don't think there's death metal like that...).

This song I always thought would work well, though thinking of it it may not be difficult enough: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzSqoJ5x5so

Or if you are fairly talented at acoustic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsD6uEZsIsU

Of course, it'd be best to just find something that works for you and represents your personal talent and taste.

Good luck with everything. ;P
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Acoustic: Satriani - Tears in the Rain

Just the first things that came to mind.
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Cool suggestions guys, those are quite good inspirations, I'm thinking about the Andy McKee one, as well as the Satriani one.

Any other ideas?
I'm going in;

Rambo style
If you could pull it off, why not try Laurence Juber's version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps?

He's a very talented finger-style player, and though he might not gave the hardest version out there, he certainly did a wonderful rendition of it.
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what kind of program is it, classical, jazz, contemporary? If you play Giant Steps at a classical audition or a bach piece at a jazz audition (or a contemporary audition) you will not make it into the school/program, no matter how well you pull it off. You should consult the school(s) your applying to and your private instructor to prepare an appropriate audition program.