so i was installing some straplocks and i forgot to follow my most important rule, pre-drilling with a REAL screw before installing the thicker crap dunlop one. as fate would have it i now have a wasted screw in my body that i cant remove. any ideas? or should i just rip it out?
Is some of it still sticking out at all?
If so:
Take some vice grips, and then turn the screw out.

You can get replacement screws at car shops(Lordco and stuff like that).
That's what the guy at Home Depot said anyways.
Is it Chromed, gold or black?
..I was watching my death.
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how far in is the screw? is it sitting flush with the body. ie only the head has snapped off.

1 way. dremel with a diamond cutting bit. make a slot in the top of it. unscrew it from there

2nd way. its not very good imo.
with something hard that has a hole in it. place over the screw. bash it with a hammer to dent around the screw, use pliers to unscrew.

3rd way.
re-do it again to one side of the stuck screw and forget about it
some is still sticking out so i guess ill try that way but dave i think your 3rd request might be my last option
o i forgot to mention that the straplock is with the screw so i think im pretty f***ed right now. idiotic move on my part