half past meridian,
logbook for grace in the small of my
lap-last night in my dream i was
dressed in your clothes wading
shallows, spearing whales-
one of them was wearing your face-
i stopped and watched as you swam
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one day I hope you compile these in a book. a lot of these are so much more jarring after having read you for so long and understanding a little more of what your images mean... and then if you get famous I can be one of those uptight philosophy ph.ds and be a Matt scholar instead of a Proust scholar or some shit.

the idea of you spearing whales seems like such a nightmare, especially soaked in her clothes, having them cling to you and grab while you're in the water. whales in the shallow itself is such an odd picture, and the austerity that whales have is so powerful, so the idea of it stopping you from a violent, primal act and having you watch it swim away is an appropriate

gurgh i cant talk, sneezing to much and i feel sick, we had a game last night but i hope that makes sense without finishing my sentencve
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