this isn't me playing, its guitar pro's recording, which i exported as a midi then converted to an mp3.

the ending is supposed to repeat back and play over again. Also, its not supposed to ring as much as it does. you get the idea though.

This link has the song. If all goes well you should just need to press play and thats it. let me know if there are problems with the link.

Lastly, please don't comment on the song if all you want is for me to comment on yours. Yes, I will C4C, but i dont want a bunch of answers saying OMG U WRIET MAZNG MUSIC BRO just so i'll check yours out. Please listen to the song, and if you like it, tell me what you like about it. If you don't, tell me how to improve.

EDIT: if the above link doesnt work, try this video
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None of those links work for me. Youtube?
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