I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum to post, but the description says I can talk about writing and composing in here.

I'm thinking of composing an instrumental based off of nu-metal and metalcore. I'll probably call it nu-metalcore(nice name, ehh??). I need some tips of how the song will be structured and the different techniques, tunings, and sounds to use.

I'm thinking of using lots of pedaltones and drop tuned powerchords. Anything else I should try?
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Sounds good. Also, do a sweep at/between the 13th and 17th frets, they use that trick ALL THE TIME.
ill break down the riffs you should have by genre
intro- anything clean(metalcore)
Verse- low detuned power chords played as fast as possible(nu metal)
Chorus- simple chord progression with melodic lead guitar line(metalcore)
Breakdown- self explanatory(kind of both, but more metalcore)
Bridge- build up to chorus(metalcore)
Solo- something structured and harmonized(metalcore) or random notes as fast as possible or just the repetition of a few notes(nu metal)
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Eh, the only nu metal I enjoy is System of a Down and I only like metalcore that's real, sometimes they just sound like bullshit, sometimes metalcore even sounds emo to me. But if you're doing this entirely instrumental I'd say that shouldn't be a problem.

Use some chugging, that's a metalcore/hardcore signature characteristic, and the drums could do a blast beat for the most part, until the breakdown where they'd get a little more out-there and dynamic. Just some ideas.
sorry just my opinion which doesn't really matter.
but hey you could be on to something who knows.
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