Decided to start a new thread for this stuff now that I have pics, so here we go. I've got rid of the asking prices, just make me an offer and we'll go from there! Mostly interested in cash (got a wedding to save for next year ), but would be interested in trades for maple necked strats, cheap HH guitars, USB interfaces and grand auditorium acoustics.

ENGL Screamer combo

Don't need to say too much about this, but to sum it up it's 50W, with 6l6 power tubes and 4 channels. It has amazing chimey cleans, and a great modern high gain sound (and not too bad at anything in between!). Includes the posh footswitch which costs almost £100 on it's own!

Mine unfortunately has a few niggles - the reverb doesn't work (fairly sure this is a simple resoldering job), and it makes a louder-than-usual hum (think this is valve related, I've read it might be that the valve sockets need cleaning, or might just need new valves). I don't really use the amp enough to make it worth me fixing it, as it's still perfectly playable.

Fender FM212R
It's big, it's loud and it's cheap. Not gonna pretend it sounds amazing, but if you just need cheap volume it's not bad at all, or alternatively it would make a great themed footstool. Footswitch included.

Ibanez SZ520QM

Mahogany body, quilted maple top with transparent red finish., two humbuckers and a really comfy string through bridge. Lovely to play and to look at, would be a beast with a pickup swap!

Ibanez EDR170

Interesting guitar, now discontinued. JS-style body, made of a sythetic material called Luthite: not sure how this affects tone but it sounds OK to me, and definitely feels nice and solid. HSH configuration with non locking vibrato, best feature is the awesomly thin and fast Wizard II neck. Would be great for a beginner metalhead (like I was!) or for someone wanting to dabble with shred etc.

Boss MT-2

Need I say more?

Not sure about postage etc, but I'm sure I could arrange something. I'm currently in Basingstoke, and the gear is in south Devon, so could deliver to/collect from anywhere near or between those two areas.

Pictures here!
Custom Les Paul
Custom ZW Bullseye
Brunswick BD200CE
Epiphone ZW Custom Camo
Custom Fender Highway Tele Daphne Blue
Parker Nitefly M
Squier Classic Vibes Strat W/BKPs
Ibanez SZR720QM W/EMGs
I've got a couple of guitars up for trade.. are you up for trades?

Quick list: Limited edition epi lp, Project LP w/emgs, An upgraded no name strat and my fender cd 60 acoustic.


Worth a chance! Expect me back to haggle if the Dean goes my man! Although... may have a MIM strat with Bareknuckle Irish Tours for trade soon...