That sounds pretty good. Some of the 'snapiness' could be EQ'ed out. But it's certainly better than most pitch shifted guitar bass tracks,

What formant shifter did you use, by the way?
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Play without a pick and you'd be a bit closer. The only problem is the "snapiness" of the strings.

this, although if you want it to sound like you are playing bass with a pick, than you're good.
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sounds like the bass in a punk band.
depends upon what sound you're going for really.
I used the VST pitchwheel and ran it into Amplitube SVX, and switched my guitar to the rhythm pickups.
If any of you want to try it here

I am using 12-56 gauged strings though, tuned to C standard, then I dropped it to -8 with formant preserve on.
It has some latency but it does sound good. Gets a little wavery when pitch shifter above about 6, but other than that it sounds great for retuning and other stuff.
Too many mids, needs more lows for that bassy punch
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Sounds better than most pitch shifted guitars I've heard, but as others have said, it's quite mid heavy, and playing with a pick isn't going to help that. Also, if you re-record it try to avoid string noise - if anything's going to give away that it's a guitar it's probably going to be that.
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I think I can just settle for the a picked bass sound until I can actually get a real bass.