Disclaimer: I'm not sure if this goes in GT, or MT, but since I'm trying to figure the technique, im posting it here.

Now that that's out of the way, here is what I need help with from you fine ladies and gents(wow i mispeleed 'gents' 3 times there LOL)...

I want to learn Just Got Paid by ZZ Top. Now, all of the tabs show playing in the 5 to 7 fret area for the most part, and once in a while jumping to the 2nd fret for one of the notes.

HOWEVER, in this video, Billy Gibbons does not appear to leave the fret 'box' area of 3rd to 5th fret.


If you watch specifically around the 0:08-0:12 section it does not seem to me that he goes to the 7th fret area or the 2nd fret area but obviously plays the correct notes, since it's his song(:P). There are many times he plays this riff and I can't for the life of me figure out the riff he is using in the video. Also, you might say 'just use the tabs on UG, ya big dummy!' But the thing is, I want to play it like the author is playing it in this video. I like that sound and ya...

Long story short..

Can some of you very kind folks help me! I am still learning(obviously ) and I feel learning this song correctly will help me with some riff rhythms in the future. Plus, this song just kicks ass and I want to play it properly!

hes probably playing the 7th fret of the E string, whihc is the same as playing 2nd fret of the A string......just make sure the note your hitting is da B and ur fine.
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Thanks you two!

Ibanez, i had never used PT until just now. It's so cool! I wonder if I can use it to make my own songs too :O

if you like powertab d/l the trial of guitar pro you can use tux guitar for opening guitar pro files once your trial expires on that.

yes, you can do your own tunes on any of those programmes i listed providing you have midi capability on your interface, i let protools score my tunes any way.....but that`s a different story.
Cool, I'll have to check it out

PT is already confusing me! can't figure out how to change the BPM once i set it and put in some notes. and its skipping the firts few notes in my 'songs'(i use that term loosely LOL) for some reason when i play it back. guess ill have to learn more about using it