playing guitar outdoor is fckn amazing. get on a roof, and its even better! :p

I know Im not really good at sweep picking(and it sounds pretty bad here) :P and there are mistakes...but it was fun.
If you see something you think was good/bad, Id like to hear it. I was just playing what came up in my mind.

and I want to listen to some new stuff, just post stuff you want me to hear and crit too
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Its where I rehearse with my band! its kind of two cointainers buildt together :P

Ill check out your songs now!

BTW, dont write bitch-comments on youtube, I sincerly want to know what to improve, dont just tell me that I suck. How the hell can I get better then?
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Awesome shredding Marcus!! That was purely badass, except for the sweep picking parts I'll admit, but I already know you're working on that. However, your scale runs are really clean; keep that up. My mind was blown when I saw the inside of your studio/practice space. You're lucky my friend. :O

Crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1358135
I was not making fun of your video. I was just supplying a link to a video I hoped you would find humorous. You do have talent on the guitar. There is some good playing in there. It's just that I'm more impressed by complete songs as opposed to playing random riffs & leads. Sure, your video is fun, but if you have a complete song with drums, bass, and singing, and it's good, then that would be an improvement in my opinion. Edit: OK, I see you have some guitar, bass, and drum recordings in your profile. Pretty good cover versions. Back in 1984, I performed at a club (Gazzarri's) in Hollywood where Guns 'n Roses would later play. Slash and Axl Rose actually first met at this club.
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hey, aaron, I meant the comment on youtube, (I dont know if that was you, dont think so) that complained about everything, even the color of the sky and the fact that I "was a newfag" playing a les paul :P Your comment here was fine! Im sorry if you thought I was mad at you!
the link WAS fun!
I'm glad you are not mad at me! I have never made a comment on a youtube video in my life (that I am aware of). I have tried to in the past, but I can never get it to work. I use the screen name "aaron aardvark" where ever I go on the internet. When I came up with that screen name, I thought it was completely original. Then I googled myself & discovered it is used many other places, by a number of people. Rock on!
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