I'm currently looking to purchase a compressor pedal.

At the moment it's between the MXR Dynacomp, Electro Harmonix Soul Preacher and Boss CS-3.

I was wondering which of these you guys recommended? Or if a better alternative can be suggested? I'm not looking to spend much more than £60-70.

I would take the MXR over the Boss. I haven't had any experience with the EH.
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The CS-3s not the best, very metallic sounding. Although, if you can find a second hand CS-2 I'd look into it - I've heard they're very nice.
Out of those, the Soul Preacher is nice, and the MXR and BOSS ones benefit greatly from mods. A Monte Allums modded CS3 is pretty damn good.
If the Boss is stock, I will take the Dynacomp anyday.

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