I didn't know where to put this thread, sorry if it's in the wrong place.

Anyways, I'm a 6'5 guitarist who does backing vocals and i've been having real trouble finding a mic stand to fit. The current stand I've been using is around 150cm high and it's doing my back in. I've looked around and found that most are this height.

So, I'm asking if others have/had a similar problem and how the got through it, and if anyone knows of any specialist retailers make extra tall stands for lanky folk like me. (I'm based in London,UK).

I'd prefer a stand with a round base as i have quite a few pedals to work around with as the tripod leg stands really get in the way.

You have my sympathies! - I'm only 6' 2", but I could see myself having serious problems with mike stands were I that bit taller.

I would check out studiospares, because they do stock quite a few different kinds, as opposed to a generic music shop.


This has components mixed in with all the other products, so you might be better off ordering a free catalogue. They have a trade counter somewhere on the north circular, I think too, and are pretty cool when you phone/email for advice.
Any boom stand should be fine? I can't stand using anything but a boom, I'm 6,3
You'll have to use one with an arm so you can vary the height. If you're using one of those "vocal" stand which go straight up I'm surprised because it doesn't give much room for your guitar.

In terms of the effects pedals, I set mine up to the right of the base of the stand. You'll have to figure out what works for you.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Maybe check out what Ed O'Brien from Radiohead uses? He's 6'5, does backing vocals and uses a ton of pedals, so I'm sure his solution would work for you.
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“It’s not genius. It’s just that if you want something good to come out of something, you have to put in a lot of effort. That involves a lot of hard work, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears sometimes.”

thanks for the help people
i found a round base that has a gooseneck bracket thing and bought it. the help was much appreciated.