Personaly it was a ibanez Xipho that my friend had
This neck was so NICE, it was like playing on butter !
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My Schecter's.


I think it's mostly because the neck shape fits my hand perfectly. who knows.
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A Michael Kelly Patriot. I swear that neck was like sliding across ice.
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A Schecter C1 Classic and some random Jackson years back. I don't even know the model but it had this weird Picasso-esque paint job done on it. Some worker at Mr. Music in Edmonton was working on it.
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Fender MIM Deluxe Lone Star Strat. Almost perfect neck, my only complaint being that the nut is just a fraction too slim for my tastes, another millimetre and a half and it would be perfect.
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I played a PRS at my local Guitar Center the other day, by far the smoothest neck I've ever played. Don't remember the model though.
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Personaly it was a ibanez Xipho that my friend had
This neck was so NICE, it was like playing on butter !

I have one, the neck feels nice. so I'd have to say the same.
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I played the musicman john petrucci model a while back, the neck on that thing was sexy smooth
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My Les Paul Studio Mahogany. I stripped it down, sanded the neck some, and applied a hand-rubbed oil finish. I also sanded down the neck heel. Feels fantastic.
This one......

Okay, for real, the PRS 513 Standard......damn I wanted that thing. If anyone's got 3 grand they'd like to donate, hit me up.
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It comes down to my SG Classic, or an American Tele I played at a pawn shop once... Then again, I just love the short radius on those things. If I found a Tele with a compound radius, I would be so happy. It definitely wasn't an Ibanez... those thin flat necks make my hand feel crippled.
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I will have to say, I too have played a Xiphos and loved the feel.
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^ it`s a generic wizard II neck

this is all going to be varying opinions on different guitar models and is going to bring out the meme`s....... personally every prestige ibby neck i`ve played has been perfect.
The Schecter C1 Exotic. I'm not gonna lie to you, I have almost 2k in guitars, and if I can find one with that exact same neck, I'll trade them all for it.
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^ it`s a generic wizard II neck

this is all going to be varying opinions on different guitar models and is going to bring out the meme`s....... personally every prestige ibby neck i`ve played has been perfect.

Indeed, although my 2006 prestige neck is smoother then my 2009 neck. but the 2006 sometimes gets sticky, it has a different kind of finish to it, a more yellow type.

But my RG548 neck is even stickier, but still a lovely neck.
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any satin finish neck. I somehow really like the 60's les paul neck profile but the finish is nitrocellulose.
First place is the ESP Horizon NT-II. Second is the guitar my instructor made. And third is a PRS I played last year in Cleveland, I think it was the Al Di Meola one. ****ing great.
I'd go with my Dean MLX's neck, TBH. The RGs I've played have had little mini-necks that I quite literally couldn't play on, my SG(60s neck)'s neck is a little small for me, my old BC Rich(Platinum Assassin from the late '80s) is too big and the frets are smaller which I don't like, and Fender necks are a little too big for me. And I REALLY don't like painted necks, it feels like there's glue on it. Dx
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I love my xiphos's neck... ive played a jem before and that was nearly too thin... but still really smooth.. i liked it. then theres an RG1550 which i loved. anyone else not a fan of jackson necks? i just dont like them..
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I loved the sterling ax40 neck....it really is like butter,can only imagine what a axis feels like
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Ibanez ORM. Shortscale. Super slim. Just round enough to not cause hand cramps.

Pretty much if Ibanez cloned your favourite Squier Vista shortscale neck and then genetically modified it with genes from Wizard (thickness) and Viper (width, frets) necks. And then selectively bred for amazingness. It's really a marvel of science.
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Ibby all the way...personally I love the wizard II...I'll quote some of the guys above me tho, the Ibanez Xiphos 707...best neck I've ever played for a Sev...godly.
the smoothest I've ever played was a Schecter
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If by smooth you mean the feel of the back of the neck in terms of how your hand glides across it then there's no competition for me - the gibson faded/satin type finish that they apply to their lower end guitars - it feels a lot smoother than it looks.

if you're talking about the smoothness in terms of playability/action, that's more to do with the setup than the neck itself.
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The neck on my Charvel. It just fits. It's as if I don't even have to try and play. I switch my mind off and the neck does the work.
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The neck on my RG prestige - that thing is like sex, so fast to move up and down. I do wonder if it is a little too thin though, I'd love to try a Schecter but nowhere nearby sells them.
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either my shot lived epiphone SG or a washburn southern cross.
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Pretty much all of my guitars after I sanded the necks. Made a big difference.
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