Most tube combo amps I hear are made only for clean or slightly dirty. (AC30, Deluxe Reverb, Hot Rod Deville etc.) Are there any tube combo amps that are good for loud distortion? I'm wondering if there are any.
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Peavey 6505 is the obvious one...or anything by Mesa/Boogie...and Marshall has a couple...

Actually the Hot Rod DeVille can push some pretty good heavy distortion, especially with a pedal.

The best distortion sound I've found is an Ibanez Jemini into a Peavey Classic 50's clean channel.
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Yeah, Fender makes an attempt called the Super-Sonic, and older model pro sonic. I have one, lots of distortion but not the same tightness as the 6505. Not a metal amp really, but amazing cleans as you would expect.
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