Hi guys, quick question here regarding the use of a PA system at rehearsal studios.

Afraid I wasn't 100% sure where to put the thread, but as it's not wholly technical I thought this might be the most appropriate area for it.

Anyways, I'm playing in a 3-piece group and we're booking studios, as you do. We're quite loud, and consequently the PA system doesn't have enough headroom.

However, the guitarist is using a POD type thing going straight into the PA, rather than using one of the questionable amplifiers in the studio.

My query is: will this have an impact on the vocal headroom before bad feedback occurs on the vocals, or will running a guitar through its own track on the PA not really have an impact?

Any help would be appreciated, this is a bit too technical for me to wrap my head around!

If I've not given enough info please let me know and I'll be only too happy to elucidate.
There are a few things to sort out. The Pa isn't running out of headroom if you are getting feedback which is caused by room resonances and will occur for any given set up when you reach a certain volume level. I'm going to answer the question of how you avoid feedback. Putting the guitar through the PA might be setting off the feedback but only because you are on the point of feedback anyway. It might just as easily do it through a guitar amp.

First of all you are too loud if you get feedback. turn everything down a little.

Some mic's are more prone to feedback than others. Try different mic's if you can.

The fback is caused by the mic picking up sound from the speakers. Try moving the mic and/or speakers to find the best position. Remember in a small room the reflections off the walls will be as loud as the direct sound.

F'back is frequency dependant so try filtering out the feedback by tweaking the eq on the mic.

I've written quite a lot about this in the columns so look for my guide to PA. You might need to track them through my contributions on my profile.

First of all, play softer. Don't bash as loud as you have to. If you have a halfway decent PA you should be able to do fine. And yes, the fact that the guitar and vocals are coming through the PA will muddy it up a bit, unless you have dedicated speakers.
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My goodness, I'm web famous. Thanks for the links. I'd better get on with parts 4,5 and 6 which will be Amps and Speakers, Mixing Desks and Microphones. I'm changing the name to the Guide to Live Sound as google muddles me up with all the guides to Pennsylvania.

I guess I should of linked to the actual article I shall do that later

Anyway thanks for the guides they came in really useful for my gig on Friday.
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