This is one of my favorite songs... and it's not a well known band so no one has figured it out, and I have extremely limited knowledge when it comes to the structure of jazz music so I'm at a loss. I doubt it will be too complicated, since it's a psychedelic-jazz band, so it's not gonna be chord changes every two seconds.

All I could figure out is the first chord is Dm7 (I think!)


it really shouldn't take too long to figure it out, especially if you know what you're doing, and help would be appreciated
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I'm not too sure, but the second chord change seems to be Em7, A7, Gmaj (in the intro). I can't seem to figure out much beyond that. Lots of dominant 7's, but I can't figure out which ones.

Around 2:00 into it the bass goes E, F which sounds like an Em7 (b5) to Fmaj7.
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