Just to clarify, I don't upload any songs i use for my band on here, personal reasons, but this is definitely my worst song of lately. Still goood fun though, take a look!
I'm guessing you don't like metalcore, but this was pulled off super well! It's generic, and some of the verse chugging gets stale, but it's listenable. I had nearly no gripes albeit one or two things. I find the gothenburg riff comes in very drastically when you had a nice flowing deal going for you. Maybe this is intentional, but a better transition would work there I think. All the ring out stuff was amazing.

Overall this is sick, well done haha. What do you usually write?

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I do like metalcore, but i'm just so over this style of it with the whole string skipping riffs with breakdowns behind them, but it's just so easy to write and make it catchy! and yeah, the ringouts are basically my specialty, thanks heaps man.

But I usually write a slower melodic post hardcore style.
Hey mate.
Thanks for commenting on my Pop-Punk song.

First of all I like your song since I like metalcore.
The intro sounds good to me though I find the ringing lead a bit too dominant.
YOu also did a good job on the verse-riff. yeah it is a typical riff for metalcore
music but that doesnt mean it sucks. :p
well let's come to the best part, this melodic interlude/chorus thingy beginning
at bar 59 is really well done and it fits the song perfectly.

Yet, the breakdown sounds very .. " in fear and faith"-ish to me, cant really say why.
The buildup slows the song down before the solo and another melody-part , that
seems like a well-balanced structure to me.

another crashing breakdown in the end is the final act of a good metalcore song.
if this is some of your worst stuff, I'd like to see the good. ;D
I actually thought that was better than your average generic metalcore song. This had some real epic moments.

Critting as i listen.

The start wasn't that original, I think KSE have like 10 songs with those semi-distortioned chord riffs.

I like the galloped riff after that along with the mini riffs in between.

The riffs after bar 42 are really melodic and would work amazing with some screams or growls.

The harmonized part after that was epic as hell, simple but works fine.

The build up to the solo worked really well too, and the solo wasn't that long or technical but it fits.

Bar 155 is heavy as hell, serves as a nice rest from all the melodic riffs.

Ending was too sudden.

8/10 from me.

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